Eisenbarth Meetings

Are you an Eisenbarth,too? (Whitsuntide/Pentecost) every second year we meet informally somewhere in Europe (Eisenbarths are international). In a cosy atmosphere a good many Eisenbarths find out where their ancestors came from, whether they are related to "the Dr. Eisenbarth," or they just meet other nice Eisenbarths.

The next Meeting

Unfortunately there are no concrete dates for a next meeting yet. Planning is underway and as soon as something is decided, it will be published here.

Eisenbarth and meeting in the Newspapers

Press reports from the numerous Eisenbarth meetings can be found here (german):

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Eisenbarth, Chronicle of meetings since 1963

The Eisenbarth research and later the Eisenbarth meetings arose in the early 1960s, after spending several cities as the birthplace of the famous and often regarded as a charlatan Johann Andreas Eisenbarth. Genealogists also enrolled at Eisenbarth families and tried to find descendants. Some Eisenbarth, including my father, studied out their pedigree and reported the results to the Working Group, at the first meeting in a small circle.

Quite quickly you then organizes meetings on a larger scale. The Eisenbarth meetings that emerged from the research, have already become in many Eisenbarth family tradition, it is looking forward to a reunion with his relatives and unrelated namesakes from different countries. Unfortunately, there is no direct descendant been found, but what is not, can still be.

1963 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz: Gründung des Dr. Eisenbarth Arbeitskreises International durch Georg Neuber Oberviechtach
1968 D 73430 - D 92526 Aalen: Beginn der Genialogieforschung durch Dr. Paul Edel, Aalen / Württemberg
1969 A 1010 Wien and A 2413 Berg: Beginning of the research in Austria by Johann Eisenbarth / Vienna and Dr. Paul Edel / Aalen.
1970 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz (Bavaria): Birthplace of Doctor Eisenbarth.
1970 D 73450 Neresheim: Abbey St. Ulrich.
1971 D 80469 Munich: Eisenbarth lecture (Dr. Edel)
1971 D 70178 Stuttgart: Eisenbarth lecture (Dr. Edel)
1971 D 73450 Neresheim: Eisenbarth lecture
1972 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz(Bavaria): Birthplace of Doktor Eisenbarth.
1973 D 73450 Neresheim: Abbey St. Ulrich
1974 CH 9543 St. Margarethen on the lake of Constance / Switzerland
1975 D 73450 Neresheim: Visit of Dr. med Yoshinobu Saigo, alias Dr. Eisenbarth junior, from Tokyo
1976 A 2413 Berg /Lower Austria
1977 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz(Bavaria): Birthplace of Doktor Eisenbarth, Festival week
1977 D 73450 Neresheim: Inauguration of the Vogthaus Museum with Eisenbarth room
1978 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz (Bavaria): Birthplace of Doktor Eisenbarth, Foundation of the „Welt Sippen Verband Eisenbarth“ by Dr. Paul Edel and Dr. Erich Mathieu from Dr. Eisenbarth working group International/Oberviechtach. Special train: Eisenbarth Express from D 92526 Oberviechtach to D 34346 Hannovrich - Münden/Weser.
1979 D 86633 Neuburg/Danube: Castle festival
1980 D 56112 Lahnstein / Rhine
1981 D 74432 Aalen Unterkochen/Württemberg: Lecture by Josef Eisenbarth /Unterkochen
1982 D 73432 Aalen Unterkochen/Württemberg
1984 D 73430 Aalen/Württemberg
1988 A 2413 Berg/ Niederösterreich: Dr. Paul Edel appointed Eisenbarth of honour
1989 H 8229 Csopak on the Balaton / Hungary
1990 D 56112Lahnstein / Rhine
1992 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz(Bavaria): Birthplace of Doktor Eisenbarth
1993 D 54470 Lieser/Moselle
1994 D 73432 Aalen Unterkochen/Württemberg
1996 D 66773 Schwalbach-Hülsweiler / Saar: Anniversary meeting
1998 A 2413 Berg/Lower Austria
2000 D 15537 Grünheide Grünheide /Mark (near Berlin)
2002 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz with the world premiere of Dr. Eisenbarth Festivals
2004 D 56112 Lahnstein / Rhine
2006 D 17337 Schönhausen / Elbe: Birthplace of Otto von Bismark
2008 D 73430 Aalen/Württemberg
2010 D 94469 Passau: 30. Anniversary Eisenbarth-organ world biggest dom-organ: Made by an Eisenbarth
2012 A 2413 Berg / Wolfsthal / Lower Austria / Austria
2013 D 92526 Oberviechtach/Oberpfalz, New Eisenbarth Organ, 350th birthday J.A. Eisenbarth, 35 years Welt-Sippen-Verband-Eisenbarth, 50 years Arbeitskreis and the Eisenbarth Festival at Corpus Christi
2014 failed
D 25761 Büsum - Unfortunately failed in the Black Forest due to relocation of Astrid and Erich Eisenbarth family. They want to take over a restaurant in the beautiful Black Forest and build a Existens. The meeting will be rescheduled later
2015 failed
Unfortunately, this meeting had failed again
CH 8810 Horgen lake Zurich. Unfortunately, this meeting has also failed
2016 Was in 34335 Hann.Münden is now the 35th meeting from 14 to 16 May 2016 (Pentecost), take place in the place of death of "Doctor Eisenbarth". It is also the city (inscription on the "Weserstone"):
Wo Werra sich und Fulda küssen
Sie ihre Namen büßen müssen,
und hier entsteht durch diesen Kuss
Deutsch bis zum Meer der Weser Fluss".

Where Werra and Fulda kiss
have to pay for their names,
und here is caused by that kiss
German to the sea the river Weser
2019 In 56112 Lahnstein is now the 36th meeting from 08 to 10 Jun 2016 (Pentecost), take place in the city of "ouer Präsident Eisenbarth". It is a two river city, Lahn and Rhine meets in Lahnstein.

Pictures of the last meetings

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