The next Meeting

8th to 10th June 2019 in Lahnstein (Germany)

Are you an Eisenbarth,too? (Whitsuntide/Pentecost) every second year we meet informally somewhere in Europe (Eisenbarths are international).

In a cosy atmosphere a good many Eisenbarths find out where their ancestors came from,whether they are related to "the Dr. Eisenbarth," or they just meet other nice Eisenbarths.

Information about the next meeting

Our last annual meeting was in 56112 Lahnstein / Rhine from 08 to 10 June 2019 (Whitsuntide/Pentecost)Thank you very much, it was nice again and we now hope that in 2021 the meeting as announced in the new Eisenbarth newspaper will take place in Augsburg, Bavaria and we will see each other there in good health.

Eisenbarth, Chronicle of meetings since 1963

The Eisenbarth research and later the Eisenbarth meetings arose in the early 1960s, after spending several cities as the birthplace of the famous and often regarded as a charlatan Johann Andreas Eisenbarth. Genealogists also enrolled at Eisenbarth families and tried to find descendants. Some Eisenbarth, including my father, studied out their pedigree and reported the results to the Working Group, at the first meeting in a small circle.