Eisenbarth World Family Association

The Eisenbarth World family Association has as its emblem the former family coat of arms of our famous namesake Doctor Johann Andreas Eisenbarth (1663 - 1727).

The original colours are not known. It is supposed that Dr. Eisenbarth and his sons Joh. Michael and Adam Gottfried bore the coat of arms in either blue-white or red-white. As a modification of the original, the Eisenbarth World Family Association's emblem is in black and white. The Eisenbarth World kinship Association researches and documents the genealogy of Eisenbarth families and unites the friends of the Eisenbarth research worldwide. Together with the local families, the Eisenbarth World kinship Association organizes international family meetings of the Eisenbarth, Eisenbart, Isenbart and Isambert.

The Eisenbarth World kinship Association was founded in Oberviechtach in 1978 by the “Doctor Eisenbarth Study Group International“. Since 1963 already this study group, under the chairmanship of the mayor Georg Neuber, had been researching the life of the famous Dr. Eisenbarth, who was born in Oberviechtach in 1663. The new nam of this Study Group is now Heimatkundliche Arbeitskreis Oberviechtach, under the chairmanship of the mayor Doktor Ludwig Schissl.

The Eisenbarth World family Association was founded by Dr. Erich Mathieu (Oberviechtach), chairman of the study group, and Dr. Paul Edel, genealogist from Aalen (Württemberg), who became the first president of the Association.

The Eisenbarth genealogy Dr. Paul Edel started in 1968 now consists of more than 20 genealogical tables / trees with about 6000 bearers of the name, which partly date back into the days before the Thirty Year's War (1618 - 1648). After his death, Michael Eisenbarth took over his research results and continued his work

To honour his outstanding devotion to the Eisenbarth genealogy, the weaver of the international family ties, Dr. Paul Edel, was “adopted“ by the Eisenbarth family in 1988 and appointed “Honorary Eisenbarth“.

In 1990, at the family meeting in Lahnstein, the Eisenbarth World kinship Association was organized / became a registered association. At present it there are 150 member families in 7 European and oversea countries. More than 6000 addresses of Eisenbarth families are registered.

The Eisenbarth World kinship Association is headed by a president, since 1996 by Willi Eisenbarth, he was municipal archivist in Lahnstein/Rhine. Lahnstein is also the seat of the association.

Walter Eisenbarth, representative for Austria and Hungary in Berg/Lower Austria,

Eisenbarth genealogist Michael Eisenbarth and treasurer Doris Eisenbarth from Lahnstein/Rhine; more over the honorary members Dr. Ludwig Schießl/ MA, president of the Heimatkundlicher Arbeitskreis Oberviechtach , Germany, are supporting branches of the Eisenbarth family research.

Matters of the Eisenbarth World family Association are decided by the members' general meeting. General meetings are the family meetings, which, as a rule, take place every second year.

The annual membership fee is at present Euro 6.00 per family. The fee includes postage, paper and expenses for printed publications such as letters, invitations, memos and our annual information, the “Eisenbarth-Zeitung“ (“Eisenbarth Newspaper“) as well as expenses at registry offices, genealogical archives and occasional purchases of specialized literature for our family archive.

Possible surpluses can be offered at organizers of Eisenbarth meetings to help them cover the basic costs for invitations, rent, postage etc.

Since 1970 Eisenbarth meetings take place, usually every second year. On these occasions the latest results of the Eisenbarth research are publicated in exhibitions and lectures. The meetings are also general meetings of the Eisenbarth World family Association and a meetings for all related and non-related Eisenbarth families from near and far.

f course there is time for amusement with a funny and local programme. Sightseeing tours and trips to the local area contribute to the family character of the meetings and give an insight into the life of Eisenbarth families in the different regions of Europe.

The Eisenbarth meetings already led Eisenbarth families to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland on many places. There are 70 to 100 people taking part regularly. At some meetings even 150 Eisenbarths and friends met.

The Eisenbarth World family Association runs a historical-genealogical and folklore Eisenbarth archive in Lahnstein/Rhine, which is run by the Association's president Willi Eisenbarth and genealogist Michael

The archive of the International Dr. Eisenbarth Study Group is located in the birthplace of our famous namesake Dr. Johann Andreas Eisenbarth, in Oberviechtach/Upper Palatinate, where you can also find the "Doktor Eisenbarth und Heimatmuseum", founded by the pharmacist family Foißner.

Eisenbarth memorial tablets, commemoratives, monuments and memorials can be found in Hannoversch-Münden, Magdeburg, Wittenberg, Arendsee, Oberviechtach, Bissingen-Unterringingen, Neresheim, Neresheim-Schweindorf, Berg/Lower Austria, Koblenz-Arzheim and Lahnstein/Rhine.

The Eisenbarth World family Association aims at completing the family genealogy, inviting all registered and interested Eisenbarth families and friends of the Eisenbarth research to their meetings and, by publishing the “Eisenbarth-Zeitung“, informing them about family affairs and research results.

Thus we invite all Eisenbarth, Eisenbart, Isenbart and Isambert as well as the friends of the Eisenbarth and Dr. Eisenbarth research to.

Tanslation: Petra Eisenbarth, Cologne

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