The author W. Eisenbarth from Cologne

Fritz Eisenbarth

My father Fritz Eisenbarth collected most of of our family tree data with the help of Dr. Edel and many other members of our worldwide Eisenbarth association by in-depth investigations as well as on his often amusing travels.

Some data were found in archives which store records from these times, e.g. a contract concerning the payment of leased chicken to a landowner, court records and entries in land register etc.

I publish this family tree on the Internet so that my father’s detailed investigations were not in vain and can perhaps be of help to other Eisenbarth family members who wish to know about there roots.

Now already help the next generation to make these "Eisenbarth website". A related Eisenbarth, who runs a company for Web design giv me a lot "Now How" to me make these dynamic pages and he sets very often their own hands upon if I ??? have.In memory of my father Fritz Eisenbarth I designed this website since 1999.

Willi Eisenbarth