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Cologne, December 22nd 2023

Hopefully you all had a nice vacation and/or a relaxing, peaceful time, which unfortunately has not been a given lately. As a child, I experienced World War II and cannot understand why humanity learned nothing from it. But the war rage continues in the minds of some despots, even after more than 365 days, for which many people are sacrificed, on all sides. God help the Ukrainians and all people in the many war zones.

After the long break, there was another nice meeting in Augsburg, like it always was before Corona. Unfortunately, we could not be there.

I wish all Eisenbarth families all the best, health and a happy reunion until the next meeting.

Willi Ei-Köln

Are You an Eisenbarth, too?

Eisenbarth, Isenbarth, Isembarth, with or without „H“

The World Family Association Eisenbarth meets every 2 years at Pentecost somewhere in Europe.

The World-Sippen-Verband has many members who are not called Eisenbarth and have actively supported us for many years.

Our clan association was of "not Eisenbärthen" as Dr. Edel and Dr. Matheu founded by her genealogy. Also, the birthplace of "the" Doctor Eisenbarth, Oberviechtach has always supported our clan meetings with your warm hospitality and many activities. Names like "mayor i.R. Neuber", pharmacist dr. Feussner in 2nd generation, and dr. Schießl have been supporting us for years. Mountain in Austria, Unterkochen, Aalen, Neresheim, Schoenhausen, Schwalbach-Hülsweiler, Lieser, Passau, Hann. Münden and the ensemble of "Doktor-Eisenbarth-Spiele Hann. Münden e. V "and many other cities have welcomed us in a friendly way.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you from the Sippenverband.

Our next meeting

Unfortunately there are no concrete dates for a next meeting yet. Planning is underway and as soon as something is decided, it will be published here.

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