Doctor Eisenbarth song

"My name is Doctor Eisenbarth ..." - This old folk song was translated by Dr. Otto Hietsch (Original song title “Ich bin der Doktor Eisenbarth“) More than seventy years after Dr. Eisenbarth´s death, the Eisenbarth song was composed by students, reviling him and his cures, but, at the same time, making him popular all over the world. Eisenbarth is considered the "King of Advertisement". He was one of the first manufacturers of medicine who made and sold his remedies on a large scale. He invented surgical instruments (cataract needle and polypus hook among others)

Eisenbarth dirigiert

Here you can play the melody:

My Name is Doctor Eisenbarth
Dilly dally do dum dee!
For curing people I've an art,
Dilly dally do dum dee!
My treatment makes the blind men walk,
Dilly dally do dum dee!
And help the lame to see and talk,
Dilly dally do dum dee!

At Potsdam once i cured a man,
King Frederick´s chef i dit trepan
I took my hatchet to his head;
Poor fellow , now he´s lying dead.

At Ulm i gave a jab for pox,
The man´s blood ran right to his socks.
This vaccination stunt's a hit,
My needle is a roasting spit.

The sexton's son at Dideldum
I gave ten pounds of opium.
He fell asleep; years passet away,
And still he sleeps until this day

In Vienna once a man wars ill.
His hollow tooth I cured with skill,
I took my gun and blasted it.
Good Lord, he's never felt so fit!

At Langensalza lived a man,
Whose goitre no two hands could span
I used a rope for tourniquet.
Propatum est, he's had this day.

These are the way I work my cure,
There tried and testet, that´s for sure.
That every treatment's sound and good.
I´ll swear upon my doctorhood.

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