Johann Andreas Eisenbarth


The surgeon Johann Andreas Eisenbarth (1663-1727)

Germany is rich in celebrities. Apart from those who have acquired religious or military merit, it is a surprising fact that of the well-known representatives of the people only a few have remained really popular after their death.

Biography of a famous and well-traveled doctor

Compiled from the manuscript of Erich Heinicke (1899- 1972), Magdeburg - Cracau, and from the book "Doctor Eisenbarth" by Karl Breitlhauer, with small additions of W. Eisenbarth, Cologne. (German)

Doktor Eisenbarth (1663 – 1727) His coat of arms

The coat of arms shows a semi-circle shield sign an ostrich with a horseshoe in its beak. On it a helmet in front view with a growing out bearded man, holding a cataract needle and polypus hook in his hands, below it an ostrich with a horseshoe in its bill (it was believed that an ostrich could eat iron).

History of the Name Eisenbarth

The name Eisenbarth developed from the male first name ´Isanbert´, which was already common in the south-west of Germany before the 8th century.

Doctor Eisenbarth song

"My name is Doctor Eisenbarth ..." - This old folk song was translated by Dr. Otto Hietsch (Original song title “Ich bin der Doktor Eisenbarth“) More than seventy years after Dr. Eisenbarth´s death, the Eisenbarth song was composed by students, reviling him and his cures, but, at the same time, making him popular all over the world. Eisenbarth is considered the "King of Advertisement". He was one of the first manufacturers of medicine who made and sold his remedies on a large scale. He invented surgical instruments (cataract needle and polypus hook among others)

Doktor Eisenbarth memorial stamps

The Doktor Eisenbarth Memorial Stamp from 1977 to the 250th day of death

With his comedy stage Johann Andreas Eisenbarth attracted the curious ones on the market places.

Doctor Eisenbarth-bellchime

Eisenbarth bellchime at the townhall in Hannoversch Münden, Gemany

Doktor Eisenbarth, some museums and books about him

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