Our next meeting


As our President Willi informed me, unfortunately no meeting can take place under these circumstances due to the great uncertainty of planning. Here is his message: Corona continues to have a firm grip on our lives. At the moment nobody can predict what the new year will bring us. With a heavy heart we had to decide to postpone the Eisenbarth meeting planned for Whitsuntide 2022 in and around Augsburg by one year to 2022. We look forward to a happy reunion in 2022. Until then, stay safe. Willi Eisenbarth Lahnstein But as the saying goes: "After the meeting is before the meeting." All members of the clan association hope to receive an invitation for the 2022 meeting. (Augsburg?) We want to hope so. In the next "Eisenbarth Zeitung" (around Christmas 2020) Willi our President will write something on the subject. We are all looking forward to seeing you again, whether in Augsburg or wherever and whenever it will be. The dates from the meeting in Lahnstein are still on the Eisenbarth page for "reading" until what is specifically known. We all know that after a succesful match the mext one is just ahead. That is why all members of our Eisenbarth clan hope to get an invitation to our meeting in 2022, which will probably be in Augsburg, Bavaria. We are all looking forward to our next meeting, hopefully in Augsburg, Bavaria.

Willi and Petra Ei Cologne