Are You an Eisenbarth, too?

Eisenbarth, Isenbarth, Isembarth, with or without „H“

The World Family Association Eisenbarth meets every 2 years at Pentecost somewhere in Europe.

Our next meeting


Our last meeting was in Lahnstein in 2019, home of our president Willi Eienbarth and his wife Doris (our treasurer). For many years they have helped to organize all our meetings, no matter where. For our 36th Pentecost meeting in 2019 they inviited us to their hometown Lahnstein for the fourth time. Those of us who have ever taken part in a Lahnstein meeting know that it is a very special occasion and that is what it was again this time. We all know that after a succesful match the mext one is just ahead. That is why all members of our Eisenbarth clan hope to get an invitation to our meeting in 2021, which will probably be in Augsburg, Bavaria. We are all looking forward to our next meeting, hopefully in Augsburg, Bavaria.

Willi and Petra Ei Cologne