Eisenbarth are international

Are you an Eisenbarth,too? (Normaly without corona, Whitsuntide/Pentecost) every second year we meet informally somewhere in Europe (Eisenbarths are international).

The most terrible disease, however, rages in the heads of the despots when they invent and command a reason for war and sacrifice many people for it. God help and protect Ukrainians

Cologne,2022 May. 13th, Corona had us firmly under control, now we have loosening and hope it stays that way. This will also accompany us a bit because it is not quite over yet. The fact is, we can come together again for the Eisenbarth meeting. Until then, stay healthy and sound. I think after the long break it will be a nice meeting like it was before Corona. I wish all Eisenbarth families all the best and a safe journey until October 1st, 2022. Willi Ei Cologne We meet (normally without Corona) casually every 2 years Pentecost somewhere in Europe. Eisenbarths are international. During a cozy get-together, some Eisenbarths find out where their ancestors came from, whether they are related to "Dr. Eisenbarth", or they just meet nice Eisenbarths.

Willi Ei-Cologne